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Hospital Management is a web based application to manage the activities related to doctor and patient. Hospital Management is based on distributed architecture. This involves the web services which receives request from the web based application and service processes the request and sends the response back to the application.This kind of distributed architecture is called as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This application contains login form, patient registration, doctor registration.The scope of hospital management involves different modules like login module, patient info, doctor info, billing module, registration module and administration module.Hospital Management application allow patients to edit their information like patient name, contact number, address, disease from which he is suffering from etc.


The systems described in this section are diagonosis units designed to provide the medical team with specific information about patient status then prescribed necessary test.Our software provide all of test,control and maintenance system for diagonosis.


Medical alert bracelets are created for people who have AIDS,Cancer etc chronic medical conditions or take many medications. Common conditions for which medical bracelets are recommended include: diabetes, dementia, epilepsy, autism, anaphylactic allergies, pacemaker, hypoglycemia, rare blood type and asthma. Medical identification (ID) tags provide emergency personnel with medical information, if the wearer is unable to communicate. They are available for man,woman and they often come with a membership or card to carry in bravelets.


We are involved in business and economic activities everyday. It is crucial for us to get a fairly unbiased and insightful financial information source to make the correct decisions. The following 20 carefully picked economic and financial websites serves to give you a better view of the domestic as well as the global economic and financial situations.


SPR is the solutionpointroma , it is most popular Italy base elecronice Ecommerce


Iripair, it is most popular Italy base elecronice Ecommerce

Project Name: Hospital
Project Type:ERP(Hospital With Accounting)

Project Name: Diagonosis
Project Type:ERP(Diagonosis)

Project Name: Bravelets
Project Type:E-Commerce

Project Name: E-Shop
Project Type:E-Commerce

Project Name: SPR
Project Type:E-Commerce

Project Name: Iripair
Project Type:E-Commerce

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